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Monday, 18 January 2016

Why the phone’s Camera Is So Good

The most 10 popular apps of 2016: Google, Facebook, and Apple etc. Face book takes the top spot with its core app used by 126 million users in while Google occupies five of the top 10 spots and YouTube being its biggest app with 97 million users.
There’s one very simple reason why the iphone has the best camera of any Smartphone you can buy today. Because now 800 engineers and others specialists working on aspect of iphone sitting on the camera inside iphone. 
Iphone was leading the Smartphone present market with speed of interface with diversity and quality of apps. The combination of strong optics, simple operation, image processing and a wide eco system is helping people to create the best images with least hassle.
Social Networks Running With Instant Pictures

Present it has been pointed that effortless of taking images instantly has been an underrated quality because most  of the communication platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter are highly image-centric. So in order to get the most out of Tumblr, Pinterest and other social networks, you must be able to take some quick mobile pictures
Higher Megapixel doesn’t mean Good Quality
Yes, higher megapixel doesn’t mean high-quality pictures; we have seen lots of devices claiming greater megapixels of camera but ultimately fail to provide a picture equivalent to the one clicked using iphone. In spite of huge investments on money and time, there’s never been an outstanding Android camera. LG and Samsung devices offer you a pared-down experience but lack in speed and software polish. Similarly, Motorola launches the camera and shoots quickly, but again the quality is average.

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